Frequently Asked Question

What makes the network IP cameras different than an Analog CCTV video camera?

CCTV analog cameras connect to a video monitor or DVR using a coax connection, while IP cameras connect directly to the network using a RJ45 connector and have their own IP address. CCTV or analog cameras transmit analog signals over the coax cables, while IP cameras transmit digitally encoded video over a standard network cable. IP cameras have computers and intelligence, so they can be shared by many PCs using web browser and the video recorded using video management software or a NVR.

Will exterior cameras get damaged during bad weather or climate?

No. Exterior IP cameras are constructed using robust and durable materials that are resistant to rain, dust, snow and ice. Moreover, modern IP cameras such as Myhome A10 Cameras are IP65 certified, i.e., they provide high definition, crystal clear images even during extreme weather conditions.

Can I view the camera feed on my mobile phone and computer?

Yes, after connecting the camera to the NVR, you can view the camera feed on your mobile phone/ computer. Nowadays, you can easily view and monitor feeds from the remotest locations using the comfort of a mobile application. Cloudedge, a surveillance app for Android and Ios, allows remote viewing and monitoring to ensure complete security and safety.

What Type of Network Connection Will I Need for an IP Camera Surveillance System?

You can use either a physical router for your network (wired) or a WiFi connection (wireless). Wired networks tend to be more secure and reliable, although WiFi is easier, it leads to the increased need for security. Surveillance Secure can help you encrypt these networks and customize a wireless network to minimize chances of any problems with a WiFi setup. You may also choose to use a cellular network, which tends to be safer than WiFi, but also slower.

Can I view the camera feed on my mobile phone and computer?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are a traditional analog system of using cameras that use a DVR to record video. Theyíre reliable, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. However, they donít offer you the same versatility, high resolution, and higher security that IP cameras do.